What is IOMAC?

IOMAC is the first conference on the subject of Operational Modal Analysis (OMA). The idea of IOMAC is to be the natural meeting place for everybody in the field - the scientist, the applicant, the vendor and the student, and also those who would like to get introduced to the field. IOMAC is a non-profit initiative between the organizers, re-investing possible profits in new conferences, education and literature in the field of operational modal analysis.

Past Conferences

  • 2005 Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • 2007 Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • 2009 Portonovo (Italy)
  • 2011 Istambul (Turkey)
  • 2013 Guimarães (Portugal)
  • 2015 Gijón (Spain)
  • 2017 Ingolstad (Germany)

IOMAC 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark
13th - 15th May 2019

  • 8th IOMAC Conference,
    Monday 13th - Wednesday 15th