Special Sessions

Submissions to the special sessions should be coordinated with the special sessions chairs – see contact info below. All papers submitted as normal.

  • Eleni Chatzi and Piotr Omenzetter: Damage detection under changing operating conditions
    Contact: Piotr Omenzetter – piotr.omenzetter@abdn.ac.uk
  • Christof Devriendt: Fatigue stress estimation on offshore structures
    Contact: Christof Devriendt – christof.devriendt@avrg.be
  • Giuliano Coppotelli and Eddy Dascotte: FEM updating using operating responses
    Contact: Giuliano Coppotelli – giuliano.coppotelli@uniroma1.it
  • Ilmar Santos: Rotating machinery and OMA
    Contact: Ilmar Santos – ifs@mek.dtu.dk
  • Filipe Magalhães: Dynamic Testing and Monitoring of Wind Turbines
    Contact: Filipe Magalhães – filipema@fe.up.pt