2nd International Operational Modal Analysis Conference
April 30 - May 2, 2007, Copenhagen, Denmark


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Volume 1


Lecture of Honour

Bart De Moor:

Back to the Future of Stochastic Subspace Identification

Keynote Lecture

Thomas G. Carne, George H. James, III:
The Development of Modal Testing Technology for Wind Turbines: A Historical Perspective









Session 1, Overview Papers, Identification


Carlo Rainieri, Giovanni Fabbrocino, Edoardo Cosenza, Gaetano Manfredi:
mplementation of OMA Procedures Using LABVIEW: Theory and Application


Brian Schwarz, Mark Richardson:
Using a De-Convolution Window for Operating Modal Analysis


James Brownjohn, Peter Carden:

Reliability of Frequency and Damping Estimates From Free Vibration Response


Minas Spiridonakos, Spilios Fassois:

Parametric Output-Only Identification of Time-Varying Structures: The Multiple Measurement Case












Session 2, Overview Papers, Applications


Manuel López Aenlle, Rune Brincker, Pelayo Fernández Fernández, Alfonso Fernández Canteli:

Load Estimation From Modal Parameters


Alessandro Agneni, Giuliano Coppotelli:

Load Spectrum Identification From Operative Responses


Pasquale Catalano, Carlo Rainieri, Ferruccio Giametta, Giovanni Fabbrocino:

The Operational Modal Analysis for the Identification of Fruit Tree Structures


Carmelo Gentile:
Operational Modal Analysis of Curved Cable-Stayed Bridges 













Session 3, Ground Motion Characterization

Special Session organized by Erdal Safak


Carlos Ventura, Katherine Thibert:
Analysis of Microtremor Measurements by the Frequency Domain Decomposition Method






Session 4, Overview Papers, Damage, Monitoring and Updating


Panagiotis Koutosovasilis, Michael Beitelschmidt:

Model Reduction Comparison for the Elastic Crankshaft Mechanism


Rajeev Srivastava, R.K. Srivastava:

Damage Detection of Beam Structure Using Vibration Parameters


Arno Seltenhammer, Stefan Deix, Marian Ralbovsky, Rainer Flesch:

Research Overview of Vibration Based Monitoring


Robert Bolton:
A Review of Identification and Damage Assessment Methods Using Experimental Response Data from the Z24 Bridge
















Session 5, Best Practice of Testing and Identification

Special session organized by Carlos Ventura

Eric Gross, Burkhard Martyn:

Ground Vibration Test on Ultra Light Planes


V.H. Vu, M. Thomas, A.A. Lakis, L. Marcouiller:

Identification of Modal Parameters by Operational Modal Analysis for the Assessment of Bridge Rehabilitation


Dong-Sheng Li, Hong-Nan Li, Claus-Peter Fritzen:

On Modal Kinetic Energy and Effective Independence














Session 6, Identification of Monuments I

Special session organized by Francesco Benedettini and Carmelo Gentile

Carlo Rainieri, Giovanni Fabbrocino, Edoardo Cosenza, Gaetano Manfredi:

The Operational Modal Analysis for the Identification of Historical Structures: The Tower of the Nations in Naples


Luis Ramos, Leandro Marques, Paulo Lourenço, Guido De Roeck,

Alfredo Campos-Costa, Joăo Roque:

Monitoring of Historical Masonry Structures with Operational Modal Analysis: Two Case Studies


Sezer Atamturktur, Paul Fanning, Thomas E. Boothby:
Traditional and Operational Modal Testing of the Washington National Cathedral


Carlos Rebelo, Eduardo Júlio, Daniel Dias da Costa:

Modal Identification of the Coimbra University Tower


















Session 7, Dealing with Harmonics

Special session organized by Thomas Lagö and Anders Brandt

Bart Peeters, Bram Cornelis, Karl Janssens, Herman Van der Auweraer:

Removing Disturbing Harmonics in Operational Modal Analysis


Niels-Jřrgen Jacobsen, Palle Andersen, Rune Brincker:

Using EFDD as a Robust Technique for Deterministic Excitation in Operational Modal Analysis


Steen Johansen:

Sorting Harmonic and Random Vibrations


Sven-Erik Rosenow, Santiago Uhlenbrock, Günther Schlottmann:

Parameter Extraction of Ship Structures in Presence of Stochastic and Harmonic Excitations
















Session 8, Health Monitoring

Special session organized by James Brownjohn


Martin Turek, Carlos Ventura:

A Method for Implementation of Damage Detection Algorithms for Civil SHM Systems


Johannes Reetz, Wolf-Jürgen Gerasch, Raimund Rolfes:
A Method for Structural Health Monitoring of Offshore Wind Turbines


Tuan Anh Pham, Bruce Sparling, Leon Wegner:

Temperature Effects on Structural Health Monitoring of an Integral Abutment Bridge


Erdal Safak, Eser Durukal, Mustafa Erdik:

Structural Health Monitoring of Historical Structures and New Techniques for Data Analysis
















Session 9, Identification Uncertainty

Special session organized by Laurent Mével


Gilles Canales, Laurent Mevel:
A Quasi-Newton Based Model Validation Procedure for Improving Parameter Estimation


Fabien Campillo, Gilles Canales, Laurent Mevel:

Particle Based Confidence Intervals


Robert Bolton:
Variability in Extracted Modal Properties of a Skewed Multispan T-Girder Highway Bridge













Session 10, Identification of Monuments II

Special session organized by Francesco Benedettini and Carmelo Gentile


Thomas Schmidt:
Dynamic Behaviour of Twin Bell Towers


Salvador Ivorra, Francisco J. Pallarés:

A Masonry Bell-Tower Assessment by Modal Testing


Ece Erdoğmus, Brian Skourup:

System Characteristic Identification of Timbrel Domes Using Modal Analysis


Francesco Benedettini, Carmelo Gentile:

Ambient Vibration Testing and Operational Modal Analysis of a Masonry Tower
















Session 11, Modal Identification I
Paul Fanning, Paul Healy, Aleksandar Pavic, Paul Reynolds, James Brownjohn:
Sean O’Casey Bridge: Comparison of Operational & Traditional Modal Analysis Test Results
Palle Andersen, Rune Brincker, Maurice Goursat, Laurent Mevel:
Automated Modal Parameter Estimation for Operational Modal Analysis of Large Systems
Inge Isasa, Jon Garcia, J.M. Pagalday, M.A. Madoz, J.M. Abete:
Classic Experimental Versus Operational Modal Analysis of an Elevator
F. Poncelet, G. Kerschen, J.C. Golinval, F. Marin:
Blind Source Separation Techniques – Another Way of Doing Operational Modal Analysis
Edwin Reynders, Guido De Roeck:
System Identification and Operational Modal Analysis with MACEC Enhanced


















 Volume 2


Session 12, Application, Mechanical Engineering I


Jens Lebahn, Andreas Hanke, Jöran Ritzke, Günther Schlottmann:
Influence of Welding Techniques on Modal Parameters of Stiffened Ship Panel Structures


Mahdi Teimouri Sichani, Mohammad Mahjoob:
Operational Modal Analysis Applied to a Horizontal Washing Machine: A Comparative Approach


Miroslaw Janota:

Ambient Modal Analysis of a Horizontal Machine Tool


Mahyar Mahinzaeim, Jack M. Hale, David C. Swailes, Reinhard Schmidt, Bernd Johanning:

Active Vibration Regulation of a Convertible Vehicle Using System Identification














Session 13, Modal Validation and Updating


Mahdi Teimouri Sichani, Hamid Ahmadian:
Model Updating of Railway Car Body Using Operational Modal Testing Results


Edip Özer Arman, Edwin Reynders, Daan Degrauwe, Guido De Roeck, Peter Van den Broeck:

Experimental Vibration Analysis and Finite Element Model Updating of Large Structures


Lars Pedersen:
Dynamic Characteristics and Models











Session 14, Identification of Monuments III

Special session organized by Francesco Benedettini and Carmelo Gentile

Sergio Lagomarsino, Georges E. Magonette, Stefano Podestŕ, Giuseppe Riotto:
Modal Analysis Uncertainty of a Real-Scale Masonry Model







Session 15, Modal Identification II


Christof Devriendt, Patrick Guillaume, Steve Vanlanduit, Gert De Sitter:
The Sequel on the Identification of Modal Parameters from Transmissibility Measurements


Patrick Guillaume, Christof Devriendt, Gert De Sitter:

An Operational Modal Analysis Approach based on Parametrically Identified Multivariable Transmissibilities


Manuel López Aenlle, Pelayo Fernández Fernández, Rune Brincker, Alfonso Fernández Canteli:

Scaling Factor Estimation Using an Optimized Mass Change Strategy. Part 1: Theory


Pelayo Fernández Fernández, Manuel López Aenlle, Luis M. Villa Garcia, Rune Brincker:

Scaling Factor Estimation Using an Optimized Mass Change Strategy. Part 2: Experimental Results















Session 16, Application, Mechanical Engineering II


Bart Peeters, Martin Olofsson, Peter Nilsson:

Test-Based Dynamic Characterizing of a Complete Truck by Operational Modal Analysis


Nicola Mitaritonna, Stefano Cioncolini, Francesco Piraccini, Lorenzo Cosi, Carlo Cortese:

Advanced Experimental Techniques for Turbine Blades Dynamic Characterization


Damien Maher, Paul Young:
Modelling of Road Vehicle Suspension Systems for Performance Evaluation












Session 17, Sensors and Measuring Techniques

Special session organized by Thomas Schmidt and Mauricio Ciudad-Real


Pavel Koštial, Martina Mokryšová, Jana Kučerová, Ivan Kopal, Zuzana Mošková, Ivan Ružiak, Soňa Rusnáková:

The Simulation and Measurement of Breaker Influence on Tyre Dynamic Properties


Soňa Rusnáková, Pavel Koštial, Martina Mokryšová, Jana Kučerová, Ivan Kopal, Zuzana Mošková:

The Possibilities of ESPI by Investigation of Laminate Composites











Session 18, Civil Engineering I


Akihito Yoshida, Yukio Tamura:

Ambient Vibration Measurement of Large Span Roof


Paulo Mendes, Sérgio Oliveira:
Study of Dam-Reservoir Dynamic Interaction Using Vibration Tests on a Physical Model


Soon Ho Cho:

Lessons Learned from Two Dynamic Measurements for Very Tall Buildings


Azer A. Kasimzade, Sertac Tuhta:

Ambient Vibration Analysis of Steel Structure















Session 19, Modal Identification III


Gert De Sitter, Patrick Guillaume, Christof Devriendt:
Rescaling Method for Operational Acoustic Modal Analysis


Filipe Magalhăes, Rune Brincker, Álvaro Cunha:
Damping Estimation Using Free Decays and Ambient Vibration Tests









Session 20, Application, Mechanical Engineering III


Riccardo Mariani, Daniele Dessi:
Modal Identification of an Elastically Scaled Ship Model


Giancarlo Fraraccio, Gerado De Canio, Gianni Fabrizi, Marialuisa Mongelli, Paolo Maci, Nicola Ranieri:
An Alternative Approach to Solve the Railway Maintenance Problem










Session 22, Application, Civil Engineering II


Marc Oliver Rosenquist:

System Identification and Load Analysis of a 20 m High Smelting Furnace


Wen Hwa Wu, Chao-An Liao, Chien-Chou Chen:

A Novel Multiple Random Decrement Method for Modal Parameter Identification of Cable-Stayed Bridge Cables


Peter Rosko:

SDOF Model Identification of Civil Structure from Earthquake Measurement Data


Carlos Ventura, Katherine M. Thibert:

Dynamic Properties of a 32-Storey Building Determined from Different Analysis Methods of Ambient Vibration Test Data

















Session 23, Modal Identification IV


Hĺvard Vold, Kyle Indermühle:

Avoiding Modal Aliasing when Analyzing Responses with Partial Force Measurement


Chiu Jen Ku, Yukio Tamura:

Rational Fraction Polynomial Method for Random Decrement Signatures









Session 24, Damage Detection I


Martin Turek, Carlos Ventura:

Development of a Combined Damage Detection Methodology


Armin Lenzen, Carsten Ebert:

Experiments for Damage Detection by Subspace Identification on Real Mechanical Structures


Yoshikazu Kobayashi, Tomoki Shiotani, Dimitrios G. Aggelis, Hiroo Shiojiri:

Three-Dimensional Seismic Tomography for Existing Concrete Structures


Stefan Deix, Herbert Friedl:
Computational Model Updating for Damage Localisation















Session 25, Special Applications


Shahrokh Hosseini-Hashemi, Alireza Ramezani, Korosh Khorshidi:

The Effects of Step, Ramp and Sinusoidal Forces on Response of Multistep Timoshenko Beam


S. Maalek, R. Akbari, S. Ziaei-Rad:

Estimation of Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Shear Modulus Using Operational Modal Analysis


Andrea Mordini, Helmut Wenzel:

VCUPDATE, A Numerical Tool for Finite Element Model Updating












Session 26, Application, Civil Engineering III


Filippo Casarin, Claudio Modena:

Dynamic Identification of S. Maria Assunta Cathedral, Reggio Emilia, Italy


Carlos Rebelo, Eduardo Júlio, Humberto Varum, Anibal Costa:

Vibration Analysis and Modal Identification of a Circular Cable-Stayed Footbridge


Katherine Thibert, Carlos Ventura, Martin Turek, Sebastián Guerrero:
Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Study of a Reinforced Concrete High-Rise Building












Session 27, Damage Detection II


Lars Pedersen, Rune Brincker:
Detection of Damage in a Lattice Mast Excited by Wind by Dynamic Measurements





Session 28, Force Estimation


Ivar Chr. Bjerg Pedersen, Sřren Mosegaard Hansen, Rune Brincker, Manuel López Aenlle:

Load Estimation by Frequency Domain Decomposition


Amir Poursamad, Roohollah Hashemi:

Vibration-Based Identification of Impact Force Using Genetic Algorithm










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